Public Health

Our community’s individuals and families are constantly confronted with public health challenges, especially mental health problems, while access to mental health services appears lower than expected. According to the Department of Human Services, some newly arrived refugees undergo painful experiences when accessing affordable mental health assistance. In addition, they are often given little or no information regarding available services.

This situation, therefore, underscores the need for improving the relationship and engagement between refugees and policymakers in evaluating existing mental health services. Together they must examine what works, what does not work, and where the gaps exist in current mental health systems. Their recommendations must live within a social justice framework to effectively serve refugee populations. This is where Sankofa for Peace intends to work with all stakeholders to reduce mental health treatment barriers and improve access that enhances knowledge about wellness, patient empowerment, and improved living standards.

About US

Sankofa for Peace is a charity organization with 501(c)(3) and Tax-Deductible status which seeks to promote and support mental healthcare access and wellness for individuals and families, the homeless, refugees, and immigrants through service, charity, and advocacy.


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Creating mental health access and wellness for the homeless, refugees, and migrants

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