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Project Hope

Hope is where the heart is: Building a Mental Health Treatment Center

The Problem

According to a WHO situational analysis, 30.6 million people living in Ghana are estimated to have a severe mental disorder; 2,166,000 are suffering form mild to moderate mental illness. 


The treatment gap is 98%  of the total population expected to have a mental disorder.

Some Ghanaians who start showing signs of mental illness will first be taken to a traditional healer, herbalist, or religious leader.

Mental health stigma is a big issue in Ghana. Problems are often perceived as spiritual and seen as punishment for wrongdoing.

There is a lack of mental health access, awareness, and treatment centers.

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A Solution

To reduce the pain of suffering of the people in Nkwanta who don't have quality mental health access, Sankofa for Peace has acquired a piece of land to build a mental health treatment center

To achieve this goal, Sankofa for Peace kindly requests a donation of your choice towards our objective to fund the building of a mental health treatment center in Nkwanta-Ghana.

With your generosity, you are helping ensure life's most basic health needs for many in Nkwanta-Ghana are met.

Your support will help empower a severely disadvantaged and vulnerable population and change their lives' trajectory by providing better mental health treatment and education.

Please Donate

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