Sankofa for Peace is working with some students and their families, especially refugees and minority populations in Renton and Kent cities in Washington, to improve the people's quality of education. This is because we believe education has a multifaceted impact on society, from raising the quality of life to creating a conducive environment for the development of individuals capable of changing culture. The importance of education in society is that it creates opportunities for acquiring knowledge and skills that are changing the world. The more educated people are, the better they will understand the world around them and be better able to improve their own life and the lives of others. This progress is particularly noticeable in vulnerable populations where education is the best solution for creating better perspectives and achieving success, both for individuals and the community.

Lack of education is why many families and even entire communities live in poverty for generations. Without knowledge, they lack the essential tools needed to change their life for the better. Education helps young people to understand their position and recognize the opportunities available to them.  Acquiring new knowledge and skills opens the door to better-paid jobs, directly impacting the entire community's progress. As the education of young people from poor backgrounds is crucial for their advancement and success, more funds are being invested in schooling and guidance so that everyone has an equal chance to become influential members of society.

Sankofa for Peace continues to participate in work-related to marginalized people, exploitation, oppression, racism, and human rights issues. It is also common knowledge how some institutions continue to treat some of their students from minority negatively because of their gender, religion, or cultural backgrounds. SFP supports all people, and we bring about change when every individual or family, no matter their race, color, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, has access to social interventions. We are treated as humans and are given opportunities to develop our God-given potential. We encourage stakeholders to go beyond accepting those who are different from themselves to a position of cultural humility that requires us to question our background and experiences to work in partnership with others. To continue to support these populations, we humbly ask that you donate to this charity.

About US

Sankofa for Peace is a charity organization with 501(c)(3) and Tax-Deductible status which seeks to promote and support mental healthcare access and wellness for individuals and families, the homeless, refugees, and immigrants through service, charity, and advocacy.


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Creating mental health access and wellness for the homeless, refugees, and migrants

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