Creating mental health access and wellness for the homeless, refugees, and migrants.

We're working to provide help where help is needed the most.

Campaigns at Sankofa for Peace

Project Hope: Building a Mental Health Treatment Center in Nkwanta-Ghana

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Emergency Humanitarian Aid For The DR Congo

Helping Hands

Saran's Story

Saran has been disabled since birth. She is deaf, unable to speak, and eats through tubes. She has undergone multiple surgeries and more are planned. Her family's financial resources are depleted and they are facing abject poverty. "


"My daughter is suffering in pain. I see it on her face every single day and night, for the past 10 years. We have been trying to support her as parents and family, but it isn't easy. Please, we need your help" - Saran's Mom

John Dargba's Story

​John Dargba is a 60 year old from Liberia. He has lung disease and needs multiple surgeries. His poor  housing situation makes matters even worse. His daughter contacted our organization about the dire situation. They are in desperate need of help.

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The educational support to these populations are free and we are requesting donor support to continue working for our community

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