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We are dedicated to promoting and supporting the healthcare, education and socioeconomic needs of individuals and families through clinical treatment, poverty alleviation, and community engagement.


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Healthcare Access

Healthcare Access

Healthcare access and treatment for individuals, refugees and their families



Support children, especially the girl-child, training of Caregivers for state licensure, etc.



Outreach programs, promoting health education, psycho-social support, etc.

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We help poor people to break the cycle of poverty through education, build healthcare systems in remote areas to help poor people to stay healthy.

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About US

Sankofa for Peace is a charity organization with 501(c)(3) and Tax-Deductible status which seeks to promote and support mental healthcare access and wellness for individuals and families, the homeless, refugees, and immigrants through service, charity, and advocacy.


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Creating mental health access and wellness for the homeless, refugees, and migrants

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